Managing director Hans-Hermann Lüschen


“Insurance consultants” hold a licence from the Presiding Judge of the relevant Local or District Court. 
In April 1996, Managing Director Hans-Hermann Lüschen was awarded a licence by the Presiding Judge of Oldenburg (Oldb) Regional Court, and in April 1999 by the Presiding Judge of Berlin Local Court for a Berlin branch.  

“VERS Versicherungsberater – Gesellschaft mbH”, based in Berlin (trade register No. 73802, Charlottenburg Local Court) was founded as a local branch. This licence (article 1 § 1 para. 1) in accordance with the Legal Consulting Law (RBerG) gives you, as a commercial or private client, the assurance that you are consulting a specialist who has passed a rigorous examination of his competence, both in theory and practice.  

Licence text (article 1 § 1 para. 1 sentence 2 No. 2 of RBerG) by the Presiding Judge of Berlin Local Court: “Dealing with external legal matters including legal advice as an insurance consultant” 

Expert advice, court and private expertises (public appointment by Chamber of Trade and Industry in accordance with §36 GewO). 

Apart from extensive specialist knowledge, the insurance consultant must give evidence of his personal aptitude and reliability The granting of the professional licence comes with a ban on selling insurance policies or brokering them for a commission.
This is how the consultant guarantees the necessary neutrality and independence from both insurance companies and clients.


The Managing Director is a member of the following associations:


BDR            Bundesverband Deutscher Rechtsbeistände e.V.
       Association of German Legal Counsels Munich register


BVFS          Bundesverband Freier Sachverständiger e.V. 
                   Association of Independent Experts Düsseldorf register


ERA            VzFd. Europäischen Rechtsakademie Trier e.V.
                   European Law Academy Trier register


IVPV           Interessenverband der Versicherten der privaten Versicherungswirtschaft 
       Interest Group of Private Insurance Policyholders Trier register


BdV             Bund der Versicherten e.V. Hamburg 
       Union of Insurance Policyholders Henstedt-Ulzburg